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Mistress Lucia Summers
Queen of Financial Domination


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Welcome to my world of exhilarating financial domination. I am your secret desire, your deepest fantasy, and your wildest dreams come true. I am your goddess, and I will relish in and take pleasure in you giving me everything I desire. Through your money, and your gifts, you will confess to me, how much you need and crave my guidance and discipline. I understand your desires, I know how you feel, you are in awe of me, and so you should be. I know you want to agree to embrace my every wish and please me. You know deep down it’s your destiny, don’t you? You just can’t resist me.

Only very special and select slaves get my attention. Of course you do want to be special to me, don’t you? You deeply crave my attention. I know the greatest gift a goddess can possess is femininity. You will worship and submit to my femininity and give me everything I desire and demand. With each and every breath that you take, you will live to serve me. I am all that you will worship, me and me alone. I will become your reason for reasons, the reason for your very being. Your true reason for being. No longer will you be on your own or alone, you will live for me, to worship me. I will become your true and one and only obsession, your whole world.

You have landed here because your a submissive, inferior creature. A wallet slave. A pay pig. Once I begin to work on you, you are mine, you belong to me. My thirst for play will completely take over, and I will begin to test you, push you and toy with you. You will be my property. I will get inside your heart and inside your head. You will naturally know your place, beneath me. I will use your interests and weaknesses to lure you into my web, to tease and deny you, and get you to do whatever it is that I desire. You will cater to my whims, treat me with devotion, demonstrate unconditional obedience to me, and strictly follow my orders.

I love financial domination because I love to be in control, worshiped, spoilt and have my every whim pampered to. I will spend your hard earned cash, drain you of every penny you have, I might even drive you to financial ruin if you are lucky and keep you entrapped, serving me for the rest of your life. I will be the centre of your world when you submit to me. I will be what you crave, what you look forward to, what you work for and live for. Financial domination is not only an incredibly sexually intense fetish but a way of life. Power, control and money go hand in hand together. You will experience a sexual gratification, and a vast emotional surge from the act of giving to tributes to me. Financial domination gives a slave fulfilment seldom found in other fetishes. Fulfilment and pleasure working for their Goddess who is far greater than themselves. As my money slave you will to be mine. Get in touch with me to start your financial slavery journey.

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