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Mistress Lucia Summers Female Domination Hypno Training

Through Hypno Domination I will give you one of the most ultimate experiences in domination.

I will take you to an intensely aroused state then guide you to experience a deep and true form of submission to me, We will tap into your inner most desires and release any inhibitions.​

Hypno-domination allows you to direct your focus and achieve state of heightened mental awareness. During the state of hypnosis, also know as trance you will experience conscious suspension. I will guide you through hypnosis using my beautiful mesmerising voice. In this sate you may or may not be aware of my words. You become receptive to hypnotic suggestions which will guide you to ultimately become amerced in a world where you are deeply submissive to me. 

You will experience a vivid and intense visualisation. As your mind creates and paints intense and emotionally charged imagery, your body will physiologically experience it as actual reality.

Your truest desires reside in your subconscious mind and can be brought to the surface through Hypno domination. However, the ego and conscious mind can make it challenging and hinder your ability to fully explore these desires. Hypno domination breaks through these barriers.

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Each individual experiences trance states differently. Even a mild and light state of hypnosis, similar to the feeling when you are falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning will result into a deep and devoted submission to me, your beautiful and powerful Goddess and Mistress. My hypnotic suggestions will become your world, and you will be desperately keen to please and please me. I can also mesmerise you with post hypnotic suggestions in the hypno domination process. These post hypnotic suggestions will influence you to reach deeper levels of submission to me long after you emerge from trance, I can even implant trigger words or gestures and motions to invoke certain behaviours and actions in you when you hear, see or feel them. 

Once I induce trance and guide you into a deep hypnotic and aroused state, I will speak to both subconscious and conscious mind. I will make you deeply submissive to me through unlocking and releasing these desires.

Both your deepest desires and my desires will become your reality, and you will be extremely eager and deeply aroused by serving and pleasing me.

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