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Mistress Lucia Summers

Hello and welcome to the realm of Mistress Lucia Summers..


I am a BDSM Mistress and Dominatrix based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. You will find that I am an expert in the arts of fetish, kink and domination. Encounters with me are equally breath taking and exhilarating. I love to engage in and explore a whole array of kink, fetish and domination experiences. I am the Queen of domination. I not only have the beauty of a mythical goddess but I possess the natural ability to make a man fall under my spell and stay there, addicted and yearning for my attention. My discreet and confidential service includes tailor made sessions and interactions for your domination and fetish needs. To ensure that your deepest fantasies are brought to life before any of our sessions I advise that you contact me via one of the methods on my contact page with details of your desires and fantasies so that I know exactly what world you want to be taken to. I offer meetings in person as well as webcam and phone sessions. Not only do I offer one off sessions but I am also open to building a long term relationship with the right submissive male that serves both our needs. If you have never had a domination or fetish experience I will guide you through this experience, you can either book a one off session or a set of several training sessions. Authenticity is a priority to me, I aim to ensure that our interactions are mutually satisfying. If there is anything that interests you that I have not mentioned here on my website send me an email outlining your desires and I will get back to you. 



Your Goddess

Mistress Lucia Summers 

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